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Elementary School #12 Architect Questions & Answers
Which firms were short-listed?
Wold, SlaterPaull, Anderson Mason Dale, Bennett Wagner Grody, RTA, LKA Partners

School Program:
1.      Is it correct that this school will serve grades K-5? The grade configuration for the school is PK-5.
2.      How many students/ classroom does the District plan?  Is it different for primary and secondary grades? Our goal is to have 25 students/classroom in grades k-3, and 28 students/classroom in grades 4-5.
3.      How many classrooms/grade level are intended?  It appears there could be as many as five. Plan on 4.  We accommodate according to grade level sizes.
4.      Does the District have a classroom size standard? Varies from 900-1050sf
5.      Will there be dedicated KG classrooms? Yes, 2.  How many sessions? 2 half-day for each CR.  Full day or half day?  Though our goal is for full day kindergarten in all schools, we do not have the space to provide it at this time. Does the District have a KG classroom size standard? Varies from 900-1050sf
6.      Will separate classrooms need to be provided to serve preschool, special education or talented and gifted programs? Yes
7.      We assume one gym is intended. Yes. Also that there will be cafeteria, library and music spaces. Yes.  Is there to be a performance space (stage)?  Yes. As part of the gym, not the cafeteria. Can it also serve as one of the other spaces?
8.      Will the library be traditional or rely more on digital media for student use (the implication that it could be smaller)? Though we are likely to still purchase books, the space should be designed for multi-media.
9.      Is a dedicated computer lab to be included? Yes
10.   Are there to be any small group teaching spaces? Yes.  If so, how many? There could be as many as 14 small groups functioning at any given time in multi-purpose spaces.  Seven of those should be in dedicated rooms.
11.   Are there any other unique support functions/spaces that the District typically includes in its schools? In the office area, a separate space for mailboxes, copy center/workroom is desired.  A workroom on each floor is needed.
12.   Are either voice/data/security system cabling or device installation separately contracted by the District? All of these items will be contracted through the GC
13.   How is digital technology utilized in the educational program?  What is its role as a teaching tool? Much of our learning materials are web based.  We are moving toward Wi-Fi devices, however, our district is struggling with providing schools with the Wi-Fi hubs and band width necessary to serve classroom needs at this time.
14.   Are classroom sound enhancement systems to be included? One of every four classrooms should be sound enhanced.
1.      Can a site boundary or topographic survey be sent to us? Topo is not currently available to us.  I can request it.  The property is currently being platted, so site boundary is not currently available, however, Site Configuration is avilable.
2.      Is any site soil investigation information available that we can review?  At this time we are particularly interested in whether the soils and underlying bedrock are expansive or not. 2005 Soils Report for Reunion.  It’s all we have at this time.
3.      Is 100 parking spaces a reasonable assumption or given the proposed student capacity does the District intend for more to be provided? Our experience has shown that a main lot of 62 spaces is usually not enough (Turnberry Elementary). There is also a separate staff lot of 30 spaces (Turnberry). Two lots seems to work well.   
Energy Performance:
1.      Is the project intended to be LEED or CO CHPS certified?  No
2.      Are there any specific expectations for energy modeling services?  No
3.      Do you know if the local electric and gas utility providers offer any rebate programs that may influence system design choices? United Power will be the electrical provider and their rebates are limited to whatever Tri-State Generation offers.  Xcel will be providing the gas and their rebates are usually not as good on the gas side, plus we will move to transport gas as soon as possible after opening.
4.      What are the District’s energy conservation goals? We have no goals specified except to save energy and money wherever possible.
5.      Are there any mechanical system approaches that are preferred or will be discouraged? The simpler, the better.
6.       To what extent does the District prefer to utilize daylighting in lieu of electric lighting?  Are automatic dimming controls or manual multi-level switching preferred. Dimming controls are not desired (too expensive to maintain).

Do you have educational specifications for elementary schools?
We do not have an official education specifications.  We have been using a prototype elementary since 2002. Brantner Elementary which opened in 2012 was a different school built as only the first phase. Floor Plans (contact Ranette) and Site Plan (contract Ranette) for Turnberry Elementary, the last prototype we built, had input into the spaces for Brantner.  SD Narrative and Schedule of Spaces from Brantner.

Do you want us to propose a consultant team for the interview and fee proposal? 
You do not need to propose consultants at this time. 

What is the construction budget for the project?
Our estimated total project budget is $16.5M with an estimated construction budget of $12M

Can we visit the last elementary school that was built?
Brantner Elementary, our newest elementary, opened in 2012, currently is Phase 1 only - completion of Phase 2 additional classroom wing is in the 2014 Bond Package. Yes, you may visit.  Please contact Ranette to set up.  If there is interest we will schedule a time for a tour.  Tour of Brantner will be Monday, June 23rd at 2:00pm.  Please let Ranette know if you are interested in attending. 

What is the size of the room where we will interview and what is the access to technology? It’s a large room with an overhead projector and cables to connect to your laptop
Who do you have scheduled for the interview jury? The Selection Committee with be staff from Operations, Facilities, Planning, Construction and possibly Instruction

We have not seen any information on the schedule of the project except for a start “as soon as possible”. Is the school to be open to students in August 2015? Assuming the bond passes, ES#12 would be expected to open in August 2016.

If the funding for this project is coming from the bond would the district like the selected design team to help with the selling of the bond to the community? What role, if any, the architect would play in bond strategies has not been discussed yet. 
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